Why should removal companies work with buzzmove? Leads that are verified to ensure customers are ready to move


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Ramshaw Transport
A case study with Andrew Smith, Operational Director, Ramshaw Transport

Ramshaw Transport is a removal company based in Bishop Auckland in the north-east of England. For Andrew Smith, Operational Director at the company, quality of leads is important…

“The quality of your leads is much better now because the leads are verified aren’t they?” Andrew says. “I like the way your leads are verified. That’s a big thing for me.”

In fact, at buzzmove, we use the same cutting-edge lead verification technology used by major banks, the DVLA and the UK government. This ensures that our leads have to give genuine contact details – otherwise they won’t go through our system.

At the same time, our customer service department runs a VIP Concierge Service. They call our leads directly to ensure those customers are really ready to move. On average, between 75% and 90% of the leads we call turn out to be genuine enquiries from people who are keen to move.

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But for Andrew, quality of leads isn’t the only thing he looks at. He also takes a long-term view of the ROI…

“Lead generation for us is a very positive thing,” he says. “But a lot of removal companies don’t stick with it. They have a bad month or two and then they give up. But if you look at lead generation from one month to the next, you’ll fail.

“Movers that do this – that’s why they won’t succeed – because they don’t have patience. I’ve seen it a thousand times.”

So what’s the key to being successful with lead generation?

“I look at it in a 12-month period. That’s because I know it works. You’ve just got to be patient. Sometimes one lead is worth £100,000 of work in one job.

“And a lead isn’t just a one-off job either. They can lead to referrals from friends and family. Or repeat business – especially if it’s a commercial client.

“That’s why we’ll stay on lead generation consistently over the course of the year. There isn’t a lead generation site we’re not partnered with.”

But simply using lots of lead generators isn’t the only key to success. Andrew also points out the importance of a good reputation…

“I always make sure to have some vehicles and staff on standby, because that seems to pay off. That’s just how this business works. It’s all or nothing. Everyone wants to move on the same dates. So you can have dry spells and then times when suddenly you get everyone calling up at once.”

How does Andrew deal with sudden high demand?

“By always having availability when someone calls. The minute you let someone down, word gets around and you get a bad reputation. But I’ve never said ‘no’ ever. If I can’t do your job myself – for any reason – I’ll find someone else for you that can. If I knew the real secret of success in this business, I’d bottle it and sell it. But I really think that just being there – reliability and being there when needed. That’s what’s responsible for the growth we’ve had every year since 2007.”

“I like the way your leads are verified. That’s a big thing for me”

So reliability counts for a lot in this business?

“I’ve seen it pay off. I mean, when we quote a customer, we’re never the cheapest. But I’m pretty direct. I say it how it is. I tell people the price and exactly what they’re paying for. And it’s happened lots of times that a customer goes with someone else who’s cheaper. But then that customer ends up coming back to us because the other company couldn’t do the job. Then they end up paying £1,000 – £2,000 more than they wanted to pay, because it’s all last minute.”

Customers need to be wary of low quotes?

“There are just things that customer need to be aware of. Sometimes they can be too naïve about the level of service and experience they need. For example, an international move is never going to be cheap, because you need to make sure you’ve got the right paperwork all sorted out. And items need to be wrapped a certain way so they don’t get stuck in Customs.

“But mainly it’s reliability. There are movers out there who don’t seem to understand the industry. They’ll accept a job for a popular day and then end up dropping it if a more profitable job comes along and they don’t have capacity for both. So it comes back to reliability again. Customers should check how reliable their mover is. See if they can get in touch with someone who’s used them before. Check for reviews online – or testimonials on social media or that company’s website.”

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